Thanks to lusty Bacchus, grapes are practically synonymous with luxury.  Immediately the image comes to mind of the servant delicately feeding them to the mistress, taking rone grape at a time with her lips, while reclining on her silken bed.  Not to mention the meticulously cultivated orchards that produce the finest wines for drinking and merriment.  So much artfulness put into the success of a single crop you would think that it was gold being grown.

Once you bite into one of these sweet and juicy bursts of goodness you'll know why.  Perfectly sweet, it is like a taste of heaven.  Anyone with a robust bunch of grapes in their fruit bowl can never experience lack.


Common Varieties: 


  • Emerald Seedless:  Large, conical bunches with tender skin
  • Himrod: Sweet, honey-like flavor, incredibly juicy
  • Interlocken:  Medium size, tangy flavor
  • Lakemont:  Mild and tasty in flavor
  • Marquis:  Strong fruit flavor, melts in your mouth
  • Neptune:  Flavor is mild and fruity, has a thick skin that is easy to separate from the flesh
  • Remaily:  Firm texture with a mild fruit flavor


  • Canadice:  Spicy grape taste.  A good juicer
  • Einset Seedless:  Strawberry flavored with a tender skin
  • Reliance:  Sweet flavor with tender flesh
  • Saturn:  Large, crisp berries with a mild flavor
  • Suffolk Red:  A mild, spicy fruit flavor
  • Vanessa:  Mild and fruity with firm texture


  • Black Monukka:  Crisp and sweet with large and tender berry
  • Concord Seedles:  Very flavorful
  • Fantasy Seedless:  Bluish black, very flavorful, large and firm berries
  • Glenora:  Small to medium berries, sweet and spicy, full of flavor
  • Mars:  Mild flavor with a thick skin that separates easily from the flesh
  • Venus:  Large berries with a mild flavor


Known Varieties: 


Over 150 varieties are planted commercially for both eating and wine-making

When in season: 
How to select: 

Select grapes with a firm skin, without spots or wrinkles.  Check the stem of the bunch.  It it is green, they are still fresh.  If the stem is brown, they are old.

How to eat: 

Pluck each delectable little berry from its stem and plop into your mouth.  Delicious!

Native to: 

The Near East, around present day Georgia


It is believed that painting grapes in your kitchen will make your crops gow abundantly.

Serving Size: 
One Cup
Nutritional Highlights: 

Grapes are a very good source of vitamin C and vitamin K.

Caloric Ratio %
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The above image is Cindy Sherman's rendition of Sick Bacchus, by Caravaggio. Below is the original painting.