Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is an outlandishly beautiful fruit from the tropical, vining cactus with red skin and green, scaly tips.  The flesh is subtly sweet, crunchy, somewhat nutty, and is extremely refreshing to eat.  It is either creamy white or pink and is heavily seeded which accounts for some of its nuttiness.

Common Varieties: 

There are three main varieties.  The yellow skinned variety, the sweetest.  The pink fleshed variety, the second sweetest.  The white fleshed, red skinned variety, the least sweet.


When in season: 
How to select: 

Look for bright skin that is even in color, with not too many spots. Make sure the stem and the tips of the leaves is not too dried up and brown. The skin should give slightly with pressure.. If it is too soft it is overripe and if it is hard it will need to ripen further.

How to eat: 

The fruit is sliced in half, exposing the flesh.  The flesh and seeds are scooped away from the skin and eaten together.  The flesh can either be eaten with a spoon, once scooped out or it can be cubed and added to a fruit salad.

Native to: 

Mexico, Central and South America.

Serving Size: 
One Medium Fruit
Caloric Ratio %