This round, bright yellow fruit is spectacular.  The flavor is exquisite – creamy, sweet succulent, vanilla-flavored flesh that tastes like creamy caramel.  Coming from the Amazon, it loves humidity and is most widely seen in Peru and Brazil.  But if your local climate is humid and you live in the tropics or most of the subtropics, you just might be able to access this beautiful gem of a fruit near you.

When in season: 
twice a year
How to select: 

The flesh turns from green to yellow as it ripens, so make sure that the flesh is bright yellow.  If it is unripe it will be full of latex.

How to eat: 

Cut in half and eat.  The skin has latex, so avoid the flesh closest to the skin.  This is one of the few fruits whose flavor is enhanced when slightly chilled – most lose their flavor when chilled.  There can be up to four seeds in the center and they should be avoided.

Native to: 

The South American Amazon jungle.

Medicinal uses: 

The abiu is used to treat respiratory conditions.


The abiu is a relative of the star apple.