Food Combining Basics

Generally, no water should be consumed 30 minutes before your next meal and should not resume until about an hour after you have eaten.
Watermelon; Cantaloupe; Honeydew; Canary; Sugar melon...Cucumbers are technically a melon, but in terms of food combining, they are best categorized as a non-sweet fruit.
Melons should be combined with no other food. I personally would not even combine different melons with one another.
Acid Fruit:
Citrus; Berries; Pomegranate Tomatoes are an example of an acid fruit that is better placed in the non-sweet fruit category.
Acid fruits can be combined well with one another. They also combine fairly well with sub-acid fruits.
Sub-acid Fruit:
Most fruit fall into this category. Mango; Papaya; Pear; Peach; Plum; Apple;
Sub-acids combine well all other sub-acids They combine fairly well with acids and sweet fruits. It is my experience that Combining sub-acids with sweet feels less good than when they are combined with sweet fruit.
Sweet Fruit:
Dates; Bananas; Figs; Mamey; Grapes
Sweet fruit combines well with other sweet fruit. They combine fairly well with Sub-acid fruits as well.
Non-Sweet Fruit:
Cucumber; Tomato; Zucchini; Bell Peppers
This is the category of fruit that are treated as vegetables, culinary speaking. They can be combined well with sub-acids and acid fruits. They do not do too well with sweet fruits and like everything else, combine terribly with melons.
Fatty Fruits:
Avocados; Young Coconut; Nuts and Seeds
Fatty fruits should be eaten in moderation for proper digestion, especially those low in water content such as nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds should be soaked before eating to help with digestibility.
Tender Greens:
Romaine; Head Lettuce: Butter Lettuce; Green and Red Leaf Lettuce; Arugula; Parsley; Basil
Tender greens can be eaten with all other categories except for melons. Adding greens to the fruit based diet is essential in order to receive an adequate amount of nutrients.
Starchy vegetables, refined sugars and oils, and concentrated proteins should be avoided.