Are you ready to go raw but don't know where to begin?

Many people start on the raw food diet with much zeal, but as difficulties arise most people either fall off the path quickly or they waste a lot of time experimenting with diets that are unsustainable. There are many different approaches to raw foodism, and most are not fully health promoting.

As a raw food mentor, I will enable you to bypass all of the frustrations that come from experimenting with diets that miss the mark. I will help you with a safe, comfortable, and healthy transition to the raw food lifestyle. During our time working together, I will support you with the following:
  • We will look at where you currently are in terms of your health, diet, and lifestyle and will create an efficient and reasonable transition program that is suitable for your unique needs and goals.
  • We will discuss many of the struggles people face on the raw food diet, such as cravings, compromised digestion, and social pressures, and how to work around them.
  • You will learn the principles of a healthy raw diet and how to easily meet your nutritional needs.
  • I will give you an understanding of how to best set up your raw food kitchen. You will learn about the basic equipment in a raw food kitchen and how it is used, proper food storage, and alert you to the toxic items currently taking up your shelf space that can be discarded. You will learn how to organize shopping trips; how to pick ripe fruits and vegetables, where to go to find certain items, and how to shop more economically.
  • The spiritual effects of eating food that is cleaner and more alive will allow a cleaner and more alive version of yourself to come forth. This is quite exciting but also has its own challenges. We will discuss ways in which to best enhance the increased spiritual energy.
  • I will provide you with practical, time efficient recipes, and show you how to begin to prepare simple and delicious raw food meals intuitively.

There is more to health than diet alone. We will look into the other necessary areas required to live vibrantly. I will provide you with inspiration, structure, and accountability in order for you to stay motivated and on track until you are fully equipped to live the lifestyle independently.