Why Fricken Fruit?

FrickenFruit is a website dedicated to making the raw frugivore lifestyle accessible to real people. 

Although I have been vegan now for over 20 years, I spent probably the first 10 of those years hearing about Frutarianism occasionally, and looking at those occasisions as a great opportunity to take those 'Fruitarian' jokes out of the closet. 


Eventually, I started reading about it out of curiosity, and preparing the occasional raw dish.  Like many people, I thought it would be tasteless and that I would miss eating something 'with a little more substance' but then I realized how wrong I was. 



Eating a predominantly fruit diet is not only simple, delicious, and filling, but it also has literally changed my relationship not only to eating and food, but to the way I live. 


There are several ways that you can start exploring raw food through this site:

1) Eating Raw is a blog where various topics pertaining to the raw frugivore lifestyle are explored.  There you will find a wide range of practical information intended to help you live the lifestyle successfully.

2) I am a raw food coach, and help people just like yourself transition into a raw food diet.  Coaching sessions can happen in person or virtually, and will cover subjects like strategies for shopping, planning meals, meal preparation and different snacking strategies.  With the recipes that I provide in the sessions (also available for order separately) I empower folks just like yourself to develop eating habits and skills that have profound effects on health as well as on energy levels.

3) You can learn more about fruit in my extensive fruit library.

4) You can check out my upcoming classes and workshops.

5) You can hire me to cater an event you are having. Please contact me directly for information on menus, pricing, etc.